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Oud Strong - 50ml | Nearest Match to Oud Khas

Oud Strong - 50ml | Nearest Match to Oud Khas

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Oud Strong: An Uncompromising Encounter with Wood

Oud Strong is a fragrance for the bold and confident. It's a woody symphony, dominated by the powerful presence of agarwood (oud). This precious ingredient takes center stage, unleashing its dark, resinous, and smoky aroma. Hints of leather and animalic accords may peek through, adding depth and a touch of mystery to the scent.

Unlike milder oud fragrances, Oud Strong doesn't shy away from its intensity. It's a statement piece, meant to leave a lasting impression. The supporting notes serve to enhance the oud's dominance. Smoky woods like incense or guaiac wood may dance in the background, adding further depth to the composition.

Oud Strong is not for the faint of heart. It's a fragrance for those who appreciate the raw power and allure of oud. This is a scent that commands attention and leaves a trail of intrigue wherever you go. For a truly unforgettable olfactory experience, Oud Strong is the perfect choice.


Size: 50ml
Gender: Male/Unisex
Genre: Arabic


Notes:  Agarwood (Oud)

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Customer Reviews

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Iqtidar Naqvi
Very hard and strong.

Pure Oud vibes but very very hard for me.