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Oud Ar-Raees-6ml | Nearest match to Ameer ul Oud

Oud Ar-Raees-6ml | Nearest match to Ameer ul Oud

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Oud Ar-Raees is an alluring fragrance featuring Amber, crafted for the refined individual who exudes sophistication and power. Its unisex scent is a harmonious fusion of prized Oud, renowned for its rich, resinous scent, and warm Amber tones that exude elegance. More than just a fragrance, Oud Ar-Raees is a bold statement, suitable for those who radiate assurance and make a lasting impact. This captivating scent is equally bold and welcoming, making it ideal for special occasions or an evening out. As it lingers, it unveils a hint of enigma, inviting one to unravel the captivating aura it embodies.


Size: 6ml
Gender: Male
Genre: Arabic


Notes: Agarwood (Oud), Woody Notes, Labdanum, Sugar, Vanilla
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  • 6ml Pocket carrier as the name suggests is specially crafted to get you our amazing scents on the go. You cannot carry main perfume bottles every time along. Whether you are going to a meeting, formal event, interview, social interaction or even you like to get refreshed casually take out your pocket carrier 2 sprays and get refreshed and energized again to rock.
  • These vials will be shipped to you in bubble wrap.
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Mohammad Rehan

I Love Oud and this is awesome