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Enchantress For Her - 65ml | Nearest Match to Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

Enchantress For Her - 65ml | Nearest Match to Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

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Enchantress is a Amber Floral fragrance for women. Powerful, floral, smooth, and sexy.


Size: 65ml
Gender: Female
Genre: French 


Top Notes: Orange, Mandarin Orange, Bergamot, Orange Blossom
Heart/Middle Notes: Turkish Rose, Jasmine, Mimosa, Ylang-Ylang
Base Notes: Patchouli, White Musk, Vanilla, Vetiver, Tonka Beans, Opoponax

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  • We send Pocket carrier FREE along with the standard pack, there are 2 purposes for that;

  1.  If you are a fragrance lover, you can't carry the bottle always around, carry the pocket carrier, and refresh anywhere you want to. 

  2. Open the box and try pocket carrier perfume to test the fragrance. Please do not open the bottle unless you are sure you want to keep it. If you like the fragrance, you can keep it and ENJOY it. If you don’t like the fragrance from the pocket carrier, give it 24 hours. If you still don’t like it, you can return the package as is and ask for an exchange or a refund.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Syed Ali Haider

My wife loves it

Abid Hussain

Pleasur in a bottle.
Perfumery is not just a process of mixing different ingredients to create one but it's an art and like everytime nailed it this time also.
What a great fragrance very well crafted first sniff and the word came out from mouth is wow.
Long lasting,good sillage and projection very close the orignal one.
People around you will be pleased in a good way.As for the price you are paying nothing for such beautiful creations.

Fatima Zehra
This too is very similar.

I loved your stuff. Your Diana is ditto to Coco Chanel and this is so so so much similar to Mademoiselle. You guys are genius! How did you even make exact match?

Alhumdolilah, All thanks to Allah Almighty. Thank you for your kind words! We are so happy to hear that you enjoy our products, and we are proud to have created a perfect match for Coco Mademoiselle. Thank you for your continued support!

Zarak Khan
Amazing very close to

All your products are very very close to the original branded products, and last as long or more in certain cases. Absolutely great value for money. My cupboard Is Pilling up with your products, and I spray my favourite smells with out haste as much as I want . Weldone team Scent You. Keep it up.

Alhumdolilah, All thanks to Allah Almighty. Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that our products are very close to the originals, and that you're enjoying using them. We'll continue to produce high-quality scents that are affordable, and we hope you'll continue to support us.

Mrs. Bukhari

It is graceful

Alhumdolilah, Thanks to Allah Almighty. Thank you for your review. It is very helpful.