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Bundle #7- 31 pcs All Men 6ml Pocket Carriers

Bundle #7- 31 pcs All Men 6ml Pocket Carriers

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This bundle contains the following;  

1x Abis Nearest Match Silver Mountain
1x Adventure Nearest Match Creed Aventus
1x Alif Nearest Match Oud Wood
1x Amber Oud Nearest Match Royal Oud
1x Arnold Nearest Match Invictus Men
1x Elysium Nearest Match Elysium Roja
1x Empire Nearest Match Sauvage Men
1x Exuberance - Nearest Match to Spice Bomb Extreme by Viktor & Rolf
1x Facorite Black Nearest Match Tuscany Lathar
1x Facorite Nearest Match White Suhruh
1x Five Nearest Match Hacivat
1x Fortune Nearest Match Aqua Di Gio Men
1x Formal Nearest match to Bacarrat Rouge 540
1x Fusion Nearest Match Terre de Hermes
1x Griffin Nearest Match Stronger with You
1x Jaun Elia Nearest Match Romantic Coffee
1x Manto Nearest Match Broken Men
1x Ocean Nearest Match Versace Eros
1x Oud Strong Nearest Match to Oud Khas
1x Oud Light Nearest Match to White Oud
1x Oud Medium Nearest Match to Oud Ispahan by Dior
1x Oud Ar-Raees Nearest match to Ameer ul Oud
1x Persona Nearest Match Azzaro Wanted
1x Pristine Nearest Match Polo Black
1x Revive Nearest Match Blue De Channel
1x Shayar Masriq Nearest Match Cigar
1x Shehanshah Nearest MatchFabulous tom
1x Spunk Nearest Match Lacoste White
1x Tuscany Nearest Match Black Afgano
1x Valor Nearest Match Bad Boy Carolina
1x Zeus Nearest Match Hugo Boss Men

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Great. Excellent perfume

Highly recommended 👌 👍

Alhumdolilah, All by the blessings of Allah Almighty.
We thank you for your support and feedback.

We ensure you that Scent You will always be dedicated to provide best possible quality products to our customers.


All Mens 6ml Pocket Carriers 21 pcs Bundle

Alhumdolilah ❤

We always imagined serving our customers with best possible products. We are enroute to become the #1 Fragrance store of Pakistan. Thank you for having trust in us, Your support has brought us this far and we believe we will keep on providing best possible products to our customers and make #MADEINPAKISTAN products more proud.

Happy Scenting :)


مہتاب صاحب
آپ سروس کو بہتر کرنے کی کوشش کریں
25 پیس کا سیٹ روپے کا ضیا ھے اس کو کیری کر نا مشکل ھے اور خوشبو بھی تقریباً سیم ھے آپ کی مینجمینٹ ٹھیک نہیں میی نے صندل کی تسبیح منگوای تھی اور آپ نے دوسری بھیج دی اور ایک دفا کیے بعد جواب بھی نہیں دیا میری غلطی یہ ھے کہ قا سیم علی شاہ صاحب کی بات پہ یقین کیا تحقیق نہیں کی ۔

Touqeer Zaman
Not good

Nishan ban jaty hn cloth. Fragrance b boht slow hy. Khushboo aisi honi chahiay jo hr thori dair bad apna ihsas dilay

Tipu Sheikh
Bundle#7 -

It’s good idea to introduce I assume all your sents in single package that’s the reason I got purchased them . I feel price a bit high should be around Rs 3000/ any how I do like your products I’ll use them all and determine which send to order in future . InshaAllah.