Welcome to our Scents'n Stories boutique where we will work together to create a unique perfume to suit your choice. Please take note of the following points:
1. Our perfumer will carefully examine your answers and will start off with
2. He may also call you if he feels he needs more information.  
3  It may take up to a month to design your fragrance.
4. It is a very time-consuming task, thus automatically expensive.
2. There is a chance that we fail and are unable to produce any perfume which would meet our standards, following which we will refund any amount taken from you and apologize.
3.  Introductory pricing for a custom fragrance orders is Rs.8,000 which would include
      a) 100ml spray perfume.
      b) label with your custom name.
      c) two testers of other perfumes as backup.
5. In case you are not satisfied with the perfume, we will refund 40% of your invoice in your bank. (Rs.3200)
6. Incase you wish to reorder the same perfume, you can re-order it in half the amount (Rs.4000)
7. We would be sending 2 testers along with the main perfume. Incase you want to buy the perfume in testers, you can buy it for 3000.

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