Why even the branded fragrances doesn’t last long on me?

Why even the branded fragrances doesn’t last long on me?

We have often observed that even the famous branded perfumes we bought from abroad, our loved ones bought for us from overseas or someone gifted us that very expensive perfume doesn’t last long or don’t turn out to be that good when we wear them, what could possibly be the reason? Are these companies not effective enough? Such expensive perfumes doesn’t give the performance they should be giving?

To understand this, let’s take an example of Mr. Raza, who lives abroad in Switzerland and while his summer holidays, he planned to visit his brother Mr. Raheel in Pakistan. On his tour, he bought expensive gifts for everybody in his brother’s family. Toys for kids, Iphone 14 for his adult Neice, suits and shawls for his sister in law and as his brother likes, he bought an expensive Aventus by Creed from his local market in Switzerland for his brother and upon his arrival in Pakistan. Mr. Raza gifts his brother Mr. Raheel the bought perfume, upon which Mr. Raheel was very thankful and delighted.

After few days, Mr. Raheel opens up the box of perfume happily and with utter excitement while getting ready for his office. He reads the description on the perfume box and bottle but didn’t understand anything as it was in technical language and Mr. Raheel was a simple man who was banker by profession. While applying the perfume, Mr. Raheel was excited thinking, he is wearing an expensive perfume and today everyone will be surprised and amazed by the amazing fragrance coming out of Mr. Raheel’s clothes. As he enters his office, he observes everyone around him and passes by few of the mates on purpose but no one notices the amazing fragrance that Mr. Raza bought for his brother, the day passes and no one asks or gives compliments to Mr. Raheel on the fragrance he was wearing, the excitement and confidence of Mr. Raheel shakes and a disappointment starts appearing up in Mr. Raheel’s mood. After several hours i.e 2-3 hours, Mr. Raheel notices even he is unable to sense the fragrance he applied this morning. A lot of questions and disappointments starts popping out on the face on Mr. Raheel. He thinks, IS this perfume fake? No, my brother can’t do this? Maybe he didn’t know and bought it? Even if this is original, Does this company makes good perfumes? Why anyone didn’t asks?

Does this ever happened to you? Don’t worry, it happens with most of us, why?

For that, you need to understand the basics of perfumes, let’s try to understand the basics one by one as follow; or CLICK HERE to find the whole blog of understanding the basics

Origin of Perfume

It is very important to understand where the perfume was made for. For example, If the perfume is bought from Switzerland, high chances are it is made by and for the Swiss areas which are usually lower in temperature and does not need high intensity of fragrance in the perfume. It might not be as effective in areas of the world where temperature and humidity is high. We need to understand the origin of perfume for better performance. If you are resident of Pakistan, prefer buying the perfumes which are made in or for Pakistan because they are made keeping the Pakistan’s atmosphere and body type of people of Pakistan in view.

Lasting of Perfume

Longevity/Lasting is a variable matter and dependent on multiple factors, we need to understand that lasting varies from person to person due to different body types, body odor, sweat salts, it depends on the atmosphere one lives in, the lifestyle they possess, the working ambiance or environment etc. Multiple factors all together decides the lasting of perfume. Let’s take an example of Mr. Raza and Mr. Raheel, imagine, Mr. Raheel is a banker and usually works in an air conditioned atmosphere, travels only in air conditioned car from his home to office in the morning and return back in evening only, doesn’t have any roaming around kind of job and on the other hand Mr. Raza is related to sales, he has to roam around regularly in the market, meet different people, sometimes in Air Conditioned car, some time on bike, sometime on public transport, going to congested market or sometimes big hyper stores, how is this possible both get same lasting of perfume?

Type of Scent/Perfume

The lasting is also dependent that how the perfumer has designed the fragrance? Either the perfumer has designed the fragrance keeping an event in mind or casual wear fragrance?

For example, If the perfumer has designed a fragrance keeping a specific event in mind, he would put in the components that could perform at its best for several hours i.e 2-3 hours, if he has designed the fragrance keeping in mind the whole day use/casual use, he would put the ingredients that would last for multiple hours i.e 12-24 hours.

It is not necessary that the fragrance that we like or love is designed to stay long for whole day.


The most important part of lasting is the components on which the fragrance is designed.

Normally the type of components are divided into 3 parts, there are more than 3 definitely but the following three are considered to be most important ones.

1.      Citruses

2.      Woody

3.      Spices


People of Pakistan usually love Citruses because of the hot temperature in Pakistan, citrus makes you feel like and gives you the vibes of re-freshener but citruses by nature doesn’t hold the capability to last long, they are volatile to heat and humidity and thus when in contact with the said above, they evaporates leaving no lasting. On the other hand, Woody commonly known as Oud and Musk are the components which hold the ability to stay intact when in contact with heat or humidity, so it makes them last long usually up to 24 hours or in certain body types, even more than that. So is the spices as well, Spices are also one of the ingredients in perfumery which are long lasting due to their natural abilities.

Hope this blog made things more clearly to you, we at Scent You are in vision to provide people best solution with best services.

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Bonanza Satrangi had introduced Absolute Wood EAU DE Perfume for Men sometime back. if some woody type perfume is available or you have in store or can you make.

Faisal Shah

I will never look the perfume same way now, Amazing information. Keep it up. Your Scents are super amazing.

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Good aise article post kertay reha karain.


Replying to Abid Khan’s comment “It’s meant that neither of your product is going to work in Pakistan because all of these are French or Arabic 😉😉😉”

Reply: Where did we mention any of our fragrance has origin outside Pakistan? We mentioned the Genre of Fragrance, a lot of difference.

Scent You

It’s meant that neither of your product is going to work in Pakistan because all of these are French or Arabic 😉😉😉

Abid Khan

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