Why Do Perfumes Smell Different On Everyone?

Why Do Perfumes Smell Different On Everyone?

Indeed the same brand of perfume has the same scent but they smell differently on different bodies. There are many reasons for this. The main reason is the body’s natural scent.

Every person has their unique smell and when a perfume fragrance adds to it a unique combination is generated. So if you think you can have the same smell as other people do then you are wrong.

In addition to this, some reasons cause a difference in perfume fragrances. To help you understand all the conditions, we have compiled the common reasons here. So without taking your further time, let’s dive straight into the discussion. 

3 Reasons Why Do Perfume Smell Different on Everyone

Here are 3 main factors that can affect how a perfume reacts to your skin and how you can make adjustments with fragrance for better results. So let’s review them and enhance your personality.

Skin Type

There are two main types of skin. One is dry and the second is moist. The fragrance reacts differently to dry skin as compared to moist skin. This is because when the skin is dry it absorbs the natural oils present in the perfume. And because of this perfume lasts for a long time on the body. 

On the other hand, if you apply the perfume on wet skin then it will not absorb oils and the perfume will fade away in a short time. But the wet or moisturized skin reacts efficiently with perfume.

Further, your skin will not get irritated by the harsh chemicals present in perfume. So make sure to moisturise your skin first before applying the perfume.

Skin PH

The pH of skin varies from person to person. This is because of body chemistry. Many people have acidic surface skin due to high ph. The main causes of acidic surfaces are eczema, diabetes, kidney problems, and much more.  

If you directly apply perfume on acidic skin then it will irritate the skin. So make sure to avoid direct application. Furthermore, avoid the use of sanitary items like soaps and body washes that can damage the skin.

To avoid this situation, first, apply the moisturizer and the medicated cream to the skin. But if your skin is not acidic than you do not have to take precautions. You can directly apply any kind of perfume to the skin and enjoy the refreshing fragrance.     

Furthermore, if you are allergic to specific chemicals then you have to read the list of ingredients that are used to make the perfume. In this way, you can protect your skin from allergies. But if you do not have time to check all the ingredients then buy from ScentYou.pk.

This is because it produces high-quality perfumes and all the ingredients are organic. No matter whether your skin has high ph or low ph you can apply the ScentYou fragrances daily without any irritation.  


The third factor which affects the reaction of fragrance to the skin is diet. Not all the foods you eat affect the skin’s smell. Similarly not all the beverages create the same effect. But there are some foods and drinks that directly affect the ph level of the skin.

Usually, natural ingredients have more effect than cooked food. For Example, if you eat Garlic, Onion, and other raw vegetables then your metabolism will increase and this enhances the blood flow in the body. 

Due to this the ph level of the skin changes and it reacts differently to perfumes. So avoid consuming these food items if you are going out or about to wear perfume. You can also refresh fragrances that are made of natural ingredients to avoid bad smells or unnecessary reactions.

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