Can I Spray Perfume On My Armpits?

Can I Spray Perfume On My Armpits?

The most common question that people ask while spraying perfume on the body is whether or not they can spray perfume on armpits. Most people say it is not suitable to spray perfume on your armpits. But there are some conditions in which you can use perfume on your armpits. 

The reason why most people avoid using perfume on their armpits is that the skin of the armpits is sensitive. They usually do not get air to pass through. Therefore armpits produce more sweat and stay wet. 

If you spray perfume on your armpits then it can irritate you for a long time. For this reason, people prefer to apply deodorant on their armpits instead of perfume. While some experts do not even recommend using deodorant on armpits. 

If you are confused with this discussion then you have come to the right place. Here we will discuss when you can or can’t spray perfume on armpits. So let’s dive into the topic.

When You Can Spray Perfume On Armpits?

While spraying perfume on armpits make sure your armpits are completely dry. But if the skin of your armpit is rough then apply a little moisturizer to it. Hydrate the armpits and then apply the perfume. 

In addition, wear a sleeveless shirt so that air can pass easily through them. In this way, the chemicals in perfume will get absorbed in the air and do not irritate the skin.  

When You Can’t Spray Perfume On Armpits

There are many cases when you can not spray perfume on your armpits. Let’s review them.

  • If your armpits are dirty do not spray perfume. This is because elements of perfume will react to the bacteria and irritate the armpits. 
  • Do not spray perfume when your armpits are wet as the perfume will mix with water and fade away.
  • Do not spray perfume after you have waxed the armpits. The reason is when you wax the armpits the hair from the roots gets removed from the body and the pores get open. If you spray perfume on open pores then the chemicals will enter the pores and irritate the skin.
  • Avoid spraying perfume after shaving armpits. During shaving the pores of the armpits get open and ingredients in perfume can damage or irritate the armpits.

If you still want to remove the armpit's smell by using perfume then make sure to buy from This is because Scent You makes organic perfumes that do not irritate any body part including armpits.  

Chemical Exfoliants as Deodorant? The Science of Smelly Armpits | Lab  Muffin Beauty Science

How to Keep Armpits Clean?

There are many ways to clean the armpits with regular household items and minimum beauty products. So let’s review which items you can use.

Shower Gel

Shower Gel is made with less reactive elements that’s why they do not dry the skin. You can use the shower gel 2 to 3 times a day if your armpits sweat more than usual. Whenever you feel your armpits are smelling make sure to wash them with a shower gel and dry the area.


If you do not have a shower gel then you can use regular soap as well. It is made with moderate reactive items therefore your skin can get dry. Only use soap twice a day to remove the dirt and bacteria from your armpits.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is used to keep the armpits clean. It does not remove the dirt from armpits but it does keep the area safe from bacteria. So apply the aloe vera gel whenever your armpits become sweaty. 

Potato Slice

Potatoes help to keep the armpits clean. It is also used to lighten the area and remove ingrown hair. To clean the armpits, cut the potato into slices and rub gently until you see the difference.


Like the face, it is important to keep the armpits clean. The best way to do it is to exfoliate the skin. Use the less reactive body scrub on armpits and dry the area after washing. 

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I use perfume on my armpits on the night I don’t shower. I lie in bed and feel like I’m in heaven, it also rubs off on my nightie- (of which I put in the wash after 4 days). But you have to use unscented laundry powder in the wash, does not go well with scented. Ecostore ultra sensitive is THE BEST.

Emma Derwent

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