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Jaun Elia - Roll on Attar/Oil | Nearest Match to Romantic Coffee

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Jaun Elia is our tribute to Indo-Pak Urdu poet Syed Hussain Jaun Asghar Naqvi aka Jaun Elia. Jaun Elia is oriental craftsmanship of amazingly blended Coffee, Chocolate, Spices, and Wood for the people who want to cast a mature and intellectual side of their personality.

If you love Chocolate and Romantic coffee on winter's eve, this product is crafted for you.

Jaun Elia opens up with the smoothness of Coffee, Chocolate, and Black Pepper. At its Heart, gently revealing the notes of Blended Arabic Coffee Beans and Cedar Wood. Base notes are Vanille, Sugar, Coffee, Amber, Patchouli, and Musk.

If you are a Coffee Lover, like strong vibes of coffee and chocolate, this is perfect for you. Jaun Elia serves the core fragrance of coffee for the stronger you. For the people who love literature and books, this scent recalls the feel of turning a book page, old books, reading from the book while sipping that sip of coffee that takes you back into the nostalgia of that smoothness while diving into the depth of literature. That is why we have dedicated this magnificent fragrance to the author and poet Jaun Elia who holds a big name in Urdu literature.


Size: 6ml
Gender: Male
Genre: Hybrid (French+Arabic), Choco touch of French and Coffee Touch from Arabia


Top Notes: Smoothness of Coffee, Chocolate, and Black Pepper.
Middle/Heart Notes:
 Blended Arabic Coffee Beans and Cedar Wood
Base Notes: 
Vanille, Sugar, Coffee, Amber, Patchouli, and Musk

All of our blends are made from high-grade fragrances gathered from all around the world by top-notch manufacturers. We are sure that once you go SCENT YOU, You can't go back. We make simply the best and long-lasting fragrances keeping the atmosphere in view.


  • This is pure fragrance oil and intense in fragrance, if you are using it for the first time, give it some time to emerge to its heart notes for the maximum results.
  • Please check the fragrance once, give yourself few hours to understand the fragrance, in any case of disliking or unsatisfactory results, it is refundable in first 15 days of your purchase.
  • All our fragrances comes with 15 days money back guarantee, in case of any un-satisfaction, we can refund/exchange your fragrance, feel free to buy it any time. For further information, please visit our Return & Exchange Policy page.

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